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Explaining December 21, 2012. End Of The World, Or Not

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Many of us are well aware of the Mayan Prophecies. especially the one that is said to occur on December 21, 2012. But what do we know and understand about these prophecies? Are they really what most individuals really think they are? The Mayan Prophecies 2012: The Message and the Vision by Gerald Benedict tries to explain exactly what the prophecies are and how they may effect our climate and social lives.

The first half of the book focuses on The Mayan Culture and civilization. This helps in understanding how they created the Mayan Calender. The Mayan Calender is difficult to understand and took me a couple reads of that chapter to semi figure out what was going on with it and how it worked. The Mayan people used this calender to "predict" important events. Not predicted what these events were going to be but predicted a date that they knew something important was going to happen. Much of it evolved the cosmos, especially the sun.

After you get some understanding of the Mayan calender and how it works the book then runs through 21 Mayan prophecies. Some have already happened and others we are all waiting anxiously for. The 21 prophesies mentioned in the book are The Coming of Foreigners and a New Religion, Emergence of New Masters and Teachers, Restoration of Mayan Ceremonial Sites, The Return of a Supreme Being, Pacal Voten - The Magician of Time, Galactic Synchronization, The Milky Way Prophecies, Prophecies Related to the Moon, Prophecy Related to Venus, Transition to a New Age, Unity of Humankind, A New Enlightenment, Cosmic Consciousness, The Prophecy of Recovered Memory, Destruction of the Earth, Earth Changes: Ecology and Climate, Sunspot Activity and the EArth's Magnetic Field, Prophecies About Evolution, Transcending Technology, The Prophecy of Time, and The Prophecy that we are the Prophecy.

Included along with all the in-depth details explaining the prophecies, this book has beautiful photographs of Mayan Architecture and sculptures. Some of the Photos fill the entire page of the book. They are brilliant and full of color and make the book beautiful to look through on it's own.

For any one who is interested in the Mayan Prophecies this is a great book even if you don't believe the "world will end" on December 21, 2012. It is still very detailed in the explanations of the Mayan Calender and the prophecies each individually. I, personally, do not believe the world will end on December 21 but that does not mean something major will not happen on or around that date. It's still always good to open your mind to different cultures around our world.