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Explorer Socks

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William Ryall By William Ryall on
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Ok. I know what you are thinking - $9.95 for a pair of socks!?!? That's more than minimum wage - you're right. But these aren't just socks - these are feet warmers. These socks mean serious business.

I used to be part of the scouting movement and as such - I went camping and hiking. A lot. Cold feet are pretty much the worst thing ever when you are camping - there is no cure and if you don't address the issue quickly then I'm afraid you're going to get yourself a cold and probably a bad one at that. Say goodbye to the rest of your fun and exciting trip and say hello to the sniffles, feeling miserable and a hole (get it? a hole like a hole in your sock. Which by the way hole proof explorer socks don't get.) host of other problems. Is $9.95 worth avoiding a sickness and ruining your trip? I say yes.

Now for those of you who aren't outdoorsy types (see like watching television and eating snacks, aka lazy) you're probably thinking that these bad boys aren't for you. Well you'd be wrong - these socks are for everybody. When you walk around wearing these - it's like you are walking on air. Cushiony warm comfortable air.

If this review hasn't convinced you to go buy a pair of hole proof socks - then there is something wrong with you.

**Disclaimer. I am a sock enthusiast - If and when I get the money I'll buy a new pair of socks each and every day. Also these socks are rather big - perfect if those shoes are just a little big. But if your shoes are a tight fit these socks are probably best off being wore without shoes in the comfort of your own house.

Also, I know a rating of 5 is a big call. I don't give it often - check out my other reviews. But before you judge - buy yourself a pair and I promise* you'll be satisfied.

*Please note this might not actually constitute a real promise. If you don't like the product - take it up with hole proof.