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When my previous computer died, my husband got me this Rocketfish 3.5" External Harddrive Case. I have had it for about 4 years. This style has come down in price at some locations and they've updated the casing. It's a case so it can be used later on when I need to take out my 320GB harddrive in my current computer and put it in the case. That will happen when I get my laptop one day.

It is able to hold a computer harddrive up to 720GB.

Mine is currently holding 144GB total, with most of the drive currently being used.

These external harddrive cases are good for backing up your current computer data and it's easily transported. Rocketfish states the case is compatible with PATA/EIDE Hard Drives, both of ours are EIDE and my husband had no issues putting our drives into these cases.

My husband also got a Rocketfish for himself just two years ago and his is holding about the same GB drive space as mine.

The external case comes with a black plastic stand to keep it upright and the internal fan is very quiet. The case is made of red aluminum and black plastic. No tools are needed to install the drive into the case. The screwdriver included is ONLY needed to unscrew the screws in the 4 corners of the case so that you can put your harddrive inside. Then just screw them back in. It's ready to go.

You can also lay the case on one side, as there are 4 little rubber feet where the screws are at.

It comes with a high speed 2.0 USB connection and a power cord.

The casing kit includes:

USB cable, power adapter, case stand, screwdriver, screw package, CD driver and manual

Saving and backing up my data is easy. I just select the files from my current computer and copy or move them to the drive that I have my external plugged into. It's that simple.

The only issue I have is that since my computer had died, my whole operating system is on that old drive. So if I leave my external plugged into the USB port and restart my computer, that old operating system will conflict with my current computer. All I have to do it turn off the power switch and then let my computer start as normal. Then when I am ready to use my external drive, I turn the power button back on. My husband doesn't have this issue because he was able to only leave his data files on his drive.

We both really like our external drives and I'd be out of business if these had never been invented.

Update On Aug 07, 2010: This external hard drive is now in the possession of my husband. I have upgraded to a 750GB external that I will review shortly. Now I can remove all of the websites I create off of my personal computer and put them on the new external.