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External Laptop Battery

Reviewing: Battery Standard 6 W Hr External Laptop Battery For Dell Inspiron And Latitude Models  |  Rating:
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A friend of mine raved about her new external laptop battery which she bought online at Battery Standard. She just had to let me use it so I could try it out. You would have thought she had found gold.

Since we both have the same model of Dell computer, she knew it would work with my computer which it did.

This battery is intended to aid and offer a bit more time to the battery a person already has which comes in the computer. It is not meant to replace the battery in the laptop. A laptop could not work without the internal battery. Please, if you purchase this battery, do not remove the battery which is already included in your computer. My friend tried this and learned the hard way this is not a good idea.

Features of this External Battery

* It is thin and small making it easy to carry with you. It will fit in any laptop case easily.

* Time to charge is 4-5 hours and run time is 2-4 hours.

* Life of this battery is 300 times charged and used.

* It charges off the regular AC adapter which came with the laptop.

* It has no effect on your memory and uses none of your RAM memory.

* It has a built in USB port to charge or power cellphones, Ipods, PSP, PDA, or any device that uses a USB cable.

* Protects from over current, over voltage, and over heating.

* Because it adds another 2-4 hours to your battery life, it allows a bit longer time off the cord.

* It has a one year warranty.

* It works with many models of Dell Inspirons and Latitudes.

After using it, I could see that it had many benefits. I liked that it will protect the laptop to a great degree, and it does have a great flexibility of use. Meaning, it can be used with many other devices apart from the laptop. This adds to its usefulness.


* Having this battery sticking out the back of the laptop does make it a bit awkward to me when using it sitting on the couch or in my bed. it does not add a lot of weight, but you have to be careful not to be too rough with it.

* It costs $107.99 which many people may find a bit expensive. Although, you may be able to find one cheaper on eBay, but they usually don't have the warranty. (Laptop owners must keep one thing in mind. Laptop parts and accessories are usually a bit more expensive then desk top parts.)

For the most part, this seems like an effective and useful battery. I have been just wondering if it may not be as effective to purchase a longer lasting battery. One that is a replacement. I am not that knowledgeable in the newer longer lasting batteries to say this for sure. Others may decide this is true who have more knowledge in the long lasting batteries.

I would recommend this product to those who just want to add a bit more battery life to their laptops.