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Extra Bubblemint: Weird Name, Great Gum

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Adam Hollett By Adam Hollett on
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I have searched for many years to find the perfect bubblegum. In high school, it was always whichever made your breath the freshest, so I would end up choosing the strongest mint possible. Often that meant that flavor was forgotten. I went from brand to brand until I found something, one gum that would make all other gums obsolete.

Extra Bubblemint, while the name implies mintiness, is a fantastic little product. It's a classic bubblegum flavor (I lovingly refer to it as 'gum-flavored gum') in a neat little package. It comes in compact packages of 14 pieces, each one individually wrapped. It has a sweet and sugary flavor as one would expect, but it is not as overpowering as most sweet bubblegums like Dubble Bubble or Hubba Bubba. The flavor lasts a long time - several hours - and the gum makes excellent bubbles. One of my favourite aspects of this gum, however, is that it leaves absolutely no taste in your mouth. Once the gum is gone, your mouth feels clean, neutral, and fresh. Indeed, if you have eaten something that's left a bad taste in your mouth this gum can actually get rid of the bad aftertaste and leave your mouth feeling good. Not only is it delicious, it's practical!

While this gum does not offer the breath-freshening oomph of most minty gums, its wonderful flavor, long-lasting taste, and cleansing properties more than make up for its lack of mintiness. It is my gum of choice, and will remain so.