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Extreme Animals By Nicola Davies

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By elyssa on
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Extreme Animals: The Toughest Creatures on Earth looks at how some animals survive in conditions that would kill humans. Starting in the Arctic, where it can be -75 degrees and polar bears are wearing only their fur, to the Antarctic, where Emperor penguins and their feather coats live in temperatures between -4 and -125 degrees. This cool book also features frogs that turn into popsicles for the winter, ants that can live when the temperature is 128 degrees outside, and a spider that lived in a jar without food or water for a year and a half.

There are also chemical-eating bacteria that live in volcanoes, somersaulting fleas, and you'll find out the name of the toughest creature on Earth, which can be frozen, boiled, or squashed and survive.

This small book has amusing cartoon illustrations and cool facts about some tough animals. I would recommended for children in grades 3 through 6, but it has interesting facts that anyone leafing through it should enjoy.