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Extremely Impressive

Reviewing: Sony Playstation 3 Uncharted: Drake's Fortune  |  Rating:
By dcstriker on
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Back when Naughty Dog Inc. showed off the first footage of Uncharted: Drake's fortune, it didn't have a title. No one knew what it was, but they knew what they were being shown was impressive. It has since evolved into a great game, with a very cinematic structure.


You play as Nathan Drake, a supposed descendant of Sir Francis Drake. Nathan comes upon the lost diary of his great ancestor, and a treasure hunt ensues. He is joined by a great cast of supporting characters on his quest to find lost gold. The game feels very cinematic and is presented like a great action movie. Though things get a bit... odd near the end, overall the game's plot is fantastic.


The game follows some relatively linear paths through the jungle on Nathan's adventure. There are some parts where it becomes a bit confusing, but the game helps out quite a bit. Puzzles are pretty straightforward and there is not really a time where the player gets too frustrated to play. the gunplay and cover system are easy to use and the enemy AI is intelligent. The climbing and running is very fun and responsive. This is how Tomb Raider should have been. There are some vehicles to use as well, and plenty of guns to try out. Very fulfilling.


This is the first game on the Playstation 3 to really impress me. The jungle landscapes and the lighting are incredible. If you step in water, you get wet. You move through grass and the grass will move with you. Everything sways with the breeze. The attention to detail is astounding. All of ther character's faces and motions are motion-captured and very fluid. It looks, feels, and plays like an action movie.

Content and Longevity

There is quite a bit of content to unlock, and there are artifacts to hunt for and collect. There are videos from the making of the game, and tons of codes and things to unlock. The main story, however, is only about a 7 hour romp, but there's enough to keep you playing for a while after.

Overall, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune is definitely worth the money. There's quite a bit of game time, and the story is worth playing through. Easily some of the best money that can be spent for the Playstation 3.