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Eye Clops Bionic Eye

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houseishot By houseishot on
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It seemed like everyone was buying this toy this Christmas, so I wasn't surprised when my 7 year old daughter asked for it. I don't usually buy the "hot" toys because they either aren't something my kids are interested in, or I know they are not worth the money. I must have been feeling especially generous this year, as I did buy a bunch of "hot" toys, this one included! At first I thought it wasn't worth the money, but the more good reviews I read, the more I convinced myself that it would be educational and that my daughter would probably like to use it when she plays "spy" and "detective" as she likes to do. Well, I guess I should have listened to my initial instincts because I don't think this toy has been played with once since the week following Christmas.

The EyeClops works great, it does what it says it will do, which unfortunately isn't really that much. It will magnify objects 200x and show them on your tv. It is easy to use, just plug it into the inputs on the tv (like any plug n play game) and hold the object up to the lens. You do have to mess around a little to get the EyeClops to focus properly, but once you have done this a few times, it is very easy. The whole family thought it was cool to look at stuff for a while, but then the novelty wore off. It's the kind of toy that's neat, but the kids put it away and just don't think about using it ever again.

The thing I didn't like the most was that for the price, you'd have thought they could include a nicer stand or some sort of case to store it in. It has a lens in it, and I just know it is doomed to be stepped on since it gets thrown on the floor when the kids are done with it. The only stand for it was a very cheap plastic (like the kind of plastic they put on the front of the box so you can see the product) and didn't last long before it was cracked and thrown out. So there is really nowhere to store this toy where it will be protected, and nowhere to set it down safely in between uses. So then it becomes something I have to store and get out when they want to use it, which is always a big drawback to a toy. They are much more likely to use it if they can have access to it without my help. A nice case they could store on their bookshelf or in a drawer would be great.

I'd pass on this toy if I had it to do over. It just wasn't worth the money.