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Eyes Red? Get Blue!

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Did you ever wonder how the movie stars have such white bright eyes? I wondered...yes I did! They always look like they have gotten a full night's rest and woke up all bright eyed. Well I'll let you in on a little secret. A friend of mine in Canada told me about this awesome little bottle of blue liquid. It's called Blue Collyrium. In Canada it's known as Collyre Bleu.

My friend's eyes are so bright and clear. She never looks like she has blood shot eyes. I was curious so I finally asked her. She brought out this tiny little 10ml. white bottle. She said it's only a product that you can get in Canada, it's called Blue Collyrium. I don't understand why they don't sell it in the U.S. but they don't.

The main ingredients, and there are only two of them, are Methylene Blue and Naphazoline Hydrocholoride. If you open the bottle you will see the blue color. It's a bright bold blue color. Be careful, because it will stain your clothing if you get a drop on you. She told me that she uses this when her eyes are red from lack of sleep or irrated by smoke or dust. Then she told me that movie stars use this to whiten their eyes before they go on camera. Interesting...another mystery solved!

I asked if I could try it. Of course she said yes. I opened the cap and leaned my head to the side. She told me about the staining of clothing and now she told me to make sure I got it directly in my eye and not on my skin. It stains your skin if you leave it on for longer than a few seconds. So I dropped one tiny drop in my eye and wiped off the excess blue liquid. I repeated this on the other eye. I was simply amazed! I couldn't believe the difference! The package says you can use up to 2 or 3 drops in the eye, 3 to 6 times a day. Are you serious? What are you doing that you need it that often? One tiny drop in each eye was plenty. I think any more and it would just be wasting the drops.

Now this isn't your average eye drop like Visine. This is for an extreme case of red eyes. I use this only when my eyes are really red from too much computer time or lack of sleep. Since I can't buy it here, when I need it, I ask her to UPS me some. She never lets me pay her for it, so I have no idea how much this costs.

I think this is a wonderful product but one not to be abused. A little goes a long way...and remember it will stain skin, so don't forget to wipe off the excess blue or you will end up with white eyes and blue skin!

I hope the U.S. allows this to be sold here soon. If I see it for sale, I'll be back to update the review!