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Fable 2 Fable 2 Review

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Fable 2 for the Xbox 360, rated Mature, has many new features that differ it from the first Fable for the Xbox. Ok, good news first. One of the most noticeable differences is that this time around you have an alley, your dog. The dog can help you in fights and can find treasure for you. You can also buy books from a bookstore that improves your dog's ability to fight and find treasure. Another addition to this sequal is the introduction of guns. Pistols and rifles are what you can find (and buy), and of course the crossbow is still available. But the most noticeable difference for me was that there is no energy bar for Will spells (magic spells). Players can use as many spells as they want at one time. As the player trains in magic abilities he will be able to charge up Will spells to unleash devastating damage to an enemy or a whole group of enemies. Other differences are that the player can spend experience points for upgrades in strength, skill, and will from the pause menu anywhere they want, players can get jobs making money as a blacksmith, woodchopper, bartender, etc., the player can enter the arena as many times as he wishes, and not to mention that there are books on seduction that will get almost anyone in the game to go to bed with you (use a condom). All these new features make the game sound really appealing don't they? Well, for me there were some major let downs. Time for the bad news. For one thing, the game is way too short. I beat the game over the weekend and was really surprised when it ended. Literally, the thought going through my head was "that's it?" Another thing is that I personally hated the ending. I won't spoil it for anyone out there, but I'll let you know the ending isn't like the first Fable. The world doesn't go into chaos and there is no major boss fight. I repeat, no major boss fight. Lastly, one thing that made me irritated but may not be for other games is the fact that it's very easy to make your player invincible. Remember me saying about how there is no energy bar for Will spells? Once you get just one spell up to the max level you become almost invincible. Get two spells maxed out, and you become God. The game just becomes too easy too quick. However, I will say that while the game lasted, besides the ending, I like playing it. In the middle of the storyline, it seems like one of the best games ever. It's worth renting, but not really buying.