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Faded Glory Cuff Crew Socks A Real Loser

Reviewing: Faded Glory Girls Cuff/Crew, Style Fg601 L5  |  Rating:
Joan Young By Joan Young on
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Image for Faded Glory CuffCrew Socks- A Real Loser

These girls socks by Faded Glory don’t have anything to recommend them as far as I am concerned. Everything that I used to like about Wal-Mart Socks seems to have been changed.

I needed new socks for hiking this summer. After many different tries, it had seemed that the best sock combination for me on hikes was expensive sock liners, with inexpensive and lightweight cotton socks over them. Previously I had been able to get just what I wanted at Wal-Mart. However, all the sock companies seem to have decided that 100% cotton socks don’t hold up well enough so they have begun adding other fibers. After searching several stores for the kind of socks I really wanted, I settled for these. I hoped that they would at least work out ok. They did not.

First of all, these socks are 73% cotton, 24% polyester, and 3% spandex and rubber. They are definitely summer socks, being quite thin, but that’s what I wanted. I have a lot of trouble wearing polyester, but since these wouldn’t be next to my skin I figured that wouldn’t be a problem.

Having the polyester in them does make the socks stretchier than pure cotton. However, what this meant when I was walking was that they worked their way down over my heels and bunched up in the arch. The entire hike I had to haul them up into place at every rest stop.

OK, so now I’m home. Generally, these are going in the hiking clothes drawer and won’t be worn for everyday. But I did end up wearing a pair a couple of times, and I didn’t like them even around the house. In the first place, the tops are neither long or short. They are too short to cuff over, but just long enough to be annoying. Secondly, I forgot that the other fiber in these is polyester. I wore them one day when I went on a 5-mile walk with the dog as liners under another pair of socks... Mistake! The tops of my toes were itching and almost raw by the time I got home. I actually don’t think it was my allergy to the polyester that was the problem so much as the fact that the socks are not really soft. They actually feel slightly abrasive (compared to other socks I own), and I think that texture is what bothered my toes.

None of these issues might matter to you, but for me it added up to too many problems.

This was a 5-pack of socks in girls size L for shoe size 4-10. I suppose I should give them at least one point because they do fit. I tend to be in between girls and women’s size socks (I wear 5 ½ shoe with a narrow foot and have a terrible time finding socks that fit).

Made in China.