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Falcon Dust Off Doing Things Big.

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forbiddenglory By forbiddenglory on
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Ah, the joy of staring right at heavy gray dust in things such as keyboards, the inner parts of a CPU piece, a TV screen (heck, all screens as far as I'm concerned), the top surface of a drawer... the list goes on and on in regards to this wonderful, like-no-other "experience" (sarcasm, of course). In all seriousness, it all started when I was in desperate need for good housekeeping when you're talking about the ever-so-dusty keyboard, as well as a really old 13' VCR Combo TV that I still own. Each time that I tried to clean the screen, all that would occur hours later would be a party of dust, so obviously, cleaning it with simply Windex or any other product similar to that went to no avail.

And as to the keyboard - getting a hold of one of these would be the only way to at least see a slight improvement as far as the appearance of the keyboard goes. On one particular rainy day, I was browsing online and I just so happened to come across the "Dust-Off" by Falcon - I thought that I would need to invest in something that would be more expensive, and boy was I ever wrong. That of course wasn't the case as I quickly got a hold of these, and immediately got to work and started cleaning off what had been on the waiting list for quite a while. You can use this on absolutely anything - just don't try to use it on your nose, of course - but that aside, I was pleasantly surprised at how fast it gets the job done - that being within a matter of only seconds, and bam, it seemed as if I just bought the keyboard.

There's still some left as we speak (well, the one I got is pretty big, though, but these kinds of things could run out faster than you may think), and this is coming from a guy who has used this on many, many items around the house which were also in need of a cleaning job. From CPU's to cabinets, the possibilities on what you can use this on are endless. So if you're looking for something that gives you a great bargain and above all is of excellent quality, then give Falcon's Dust-Off spray a try! C'mon, you KNOW you want to. :P