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Falling Star By Diana Dempsey

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By dmk417 on
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Diana Dempsey takes us to the newsroom in her debut novel. A good place to start, considering she worked in television news for a dozen years before beginnig her writing career. She sets the stage nicely, and the story is a good one. However, I felt this book was a little heavy on the details of the news business. While it's nice to know that a writer is well-versed in the tale they are spinning, I'm not really convinced I needed to know all the ins-and-outs in order to enjoy this book. It tended to have lenghthy explanations about the business, instead of completely developing the characters and their personalities. This book will keep you reading until the end, however, becuase you want to make sure that Natalie Daniels (the main character) gets them in the end. The best part of the story to me is the battle that goes on between Natalie and her soon-to-be ex-husband, who always deserves what is coming to him. The strong female presence of a woman who refuses to be discriminated against because of her age makes you believe in girl power. In an industry that is so competitive in careers as well as love, this is a realistic and interesting plot that causes you to root for good over evil. The romance in this book is also nicely mixedintot he story. Because it is not technically a romance novel, I never felt overwhelmed by the content on that level, as I'm not a romance reader, but the torrid details were enough to keep me reading. Youwill love teh end of this story, because it all wokrs out just the way you want it to.