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Fallout 2

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By nuclearshadow on
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Fallout 2 is the sequal to fallout and you play as the orginal hero's great grandchild. The world of fallout is set in a nuclear halocuast world where people hid in great vaults to survive. You start off at the temple of trials where you must pass the test to be named your tribes chosen one. After passing the test you get your ancestors left behind belongings such as his vault 13 suit. You learn that your tribe is dying and that a pre-war technology called the G.E.C.K. (Garden of Eden Creation Kit) is the only thing that can save your village. With that you are set out into the wastelands to save your people.

The gameplay is the most uniqe thing about fallout 2 because it offers as much freedom as was possible for when it was made infact it has more freedom then most games today despite being released in 1998. You can play as the most heroic person ever or the evilist person to walk the planet.

This game is certianly only for adults as it contains drugs, alcohol beverages, murder, slavery ect but the freedoms to do such things is one of the things that makes the game so great. The game is also very humouris and has plenty of funny easter eggs as well the fallout series is truely one of a kind. This game is perhaps the best turn based RPG ever.

The graphics are of course very dated as it is now 10 years old but even then its still fun and not really a eye sore. Infact it strangely still fits very well with the games attitude seeing a person get fried to a crisp with a laser rifle never gets old. The sounds are something very special and alot of work was put into it.

If your looking for a solid RPG and havn't played Fallout 2 then I hope you give it a chance you won't regert it!