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Fallout 3 Review

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Nicholas Woode By Nicholas Woode on
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Many people thought that Fallout 3 would be a big flop, but they were wrong. Fallout 3 is the first of the franchise to be made by Bethesda. It is an amazing open world experience which takes place in a nuclear devastated Washington DC.


The game takes place in the year 2277, 200 years after China had bombed America. The first 2 games take place on the West Coast but this one takes place in Washington. The enviroments are spectacular. The player can see every tiny detail of this ripped apart city. The games map has everything from ruined cities to giant ant nests. One bad thing about the setting of this game is, every single metro tunnel looks the same, but this far from takes away from the glory of this game.


I should first mention that the story of this game got nominated for Game Story of the Year. The game starts out in Vault 101, a nuclear shelter, where your character was supposedly born. The player starts the game as a baby and must use a genetics machine thingy to design his adult character. After the player finishes this, the game goes forward 3 years. In this stage, the player must set up his attributes and learn basic movement. The next stage sends the player 7 years into the future where he gets a Pip-boy 3000. The Pip-boy 3000 is a watch-type machine that acts as your inventory, skill sections, traits, stats and radio. Well, in this stage, you learn how to shoot and use items. The next stage is just a test that decides your class and skills. The main game starts after this stage. Your character wakes up to find that his dad has left the vault without the overseer's permission and the overseer now wants to kill you. You get given a pistol and must escape the vault. You have many different ways to leave the vault, but with all different consequences which will affect you later in the game. I'm not going to tell you further or I might spoil it for some people.


Story, gameplay, guns, violence, humor.


Repetive, too many bugs.

My final rating for this game is:

95 out of a 100