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Fallout 3's In Depth Review

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By suds on
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Hardcore gamer or not, you have probably seen or heard about the game Fallout 3 created by Bethesda Softworks. Some people may be confused with the title "3", but to simplify things, it is the third remake NOT the third game in a trilogy. I was a little bit resilient to buy this game when it first arrived in stores, because I have played the previous Fallout makes, and was not to thrilled with their outcome. A friend kept telling me that this was much different and deserved to be played. What I did not know was that this was made by one of my favorite companies, that being Bethesda. I knew immediately that it had to be tried. Not to down other platforms, but I bought it for the computer and was immediately drawn into it. The 3D graphics were stunning and were a needed upgrade from the original 2D in the previous games. The main storyline, I thought, could have used a bit of a tune-up, but overall it was a fun quest. The miscellaneous quests are what really caught my attention. Like Oblivion Elder Scrolls (also made by Bethesda), there were so many side quests that didn't need to be done in order to complete the game, but sure made it more fun! The customization capabilities in Fallout 3 were outstanding, giving you the player the option to control the destiny of your character. Will he/she be evil? good? or in between? Personally I chose evil because it was so much easier to go through the game as. I'm not an evil person in real life, but there are so many oportunities in the game that give you the urge to "neutralize" someone or something. A great feature that was added into the game is the Perks system. The perks give you further control on customizing your character. One perk for example, called Bloody Mess, gives you the ability to blow people into chunks when you kill them. This brings me to my next point...the game is rated M and it has good reasons to be. Some parts in the game I find great for younger audiences, but the killing and exploding of people is very graphic in this game and should not be shown to minors. One can shoot a bullet at a person's head and their head will explode on contact; again very graphic. In a nutshell, the game is totally worth buying, because it gives you the freedom to play the game how YOU want to play! My advice is buy it, but keep the young ones away.