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Fallout New Vegas Amazing Once Again

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Background Information:

Fallout is a game where the main character (yourself) is stuck in a world of terror and uncivilized brutes. In Fallout, the world was wrecked by warfare between the United States and China. The outside, known as the Capital Wasteland, is known for its flat desert-like terrain. There could be anything that roams the Capital Wasteland such as mutated insects, ghouls, etc.

In the world of Fallout, you have the power to choose. This is the greatest freedom to the RPG style game. You can choose any faction you want. Factions are different groups/organizations of people who have different views of government, and who should overall rule the Capital Wasteland. For example, in Fallout New Vegas, if you decide to do quests and work for the Independent Vegas faction, then you are working towards a more independent rule over the land, more of an anarchy.

Throughout the game, your freedom is the best part. In Fallout, you can roam where ever you please, you can say what you want to people, you can be nice or mean, etc.

Fallout New Vegas Plot:

Fallout New Vegas, the sequel game to Fallout 3, just amazes me with its creative thinking. Fallout New Vegas's plot presents an interesting twist. This man named Benny wants to acquire a Platinum Chip from you, a chip that resembles the proportions of a poker chip. This chip has important stored data on it that can open important chambers, locks, and passages. Your goal for the first half of the game is to find this man, Benny, and talk to him and get this Platinum Chip back. Also, you must decide who to side with. There are various options you have to choose from. Caesar's Legion is an evil legion that is mostly made of slaves. The NCR is a faction that resembles the Old World government style, a democracy. Those are the two main factions, but they're many other smaller factions such as Independent Vegas. This is the faction I sided with in Fallout New Vegas. These factions all fight for the Hoover Dam. This is because who ever controls the Hoover Dam controls New Vegas.

Fallout New Vegas Review:

Fallout New Vegas is a strongly, carefully thought out game with its precision and accuracy. Let's start with the main part in all games. The graphics aspect of Fallout New Vegas. Just like in Fallout 3, the graphics are not spectacular. Even in 1080 HD the lines are a little jagged, but this has no effect on my opinion towards the game.

The plot of Fallout New Vegas is to my liking. I love the Sci-Fi aspect of it, where the world is in distress and its up to you to decide what to do in the game. I'm a huge fan of RPG games and the freedom/choice feature of the game.

Also, I like the quickness of the game. The processing is lightning fast, and its very easy to jump from shooting ghouls to changing the controls. Also, the Pip-Boy (In-game wrist watch that shows your weapons, health, apparel, aid, status, etc) makes it easier than ever to change guns within seconds.

I love the content in Fallout. Fallout provides a unique way to play a game. Everywhere you go is something new such as faction members in random places, such as near campfires in the Wasteland. Talking to people is also very unique. You are usually given the option to say around 5 lines, some are nice, some are mean, and some are just indifferent.

Overall, Fallout New Vegas is a must get game. The features of Fallout will blow you away with awe.

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