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False Nails

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Over the years i have tried to grow my nails and have failed miserably, i like to look at my nails when they are all the same length and look neat and nicely manicured.

I have learnt over time that i have really weak nails and to let them grow naturally is something that is never going to happen so i have moved on to the world of acrylic false nails and i am now addicted and would be lost without them.

I have the acrylic nails with the white tip and pink acrylic as i think that they are the most natural looking and they are also the easiest to maintain and keep up.

They are easy to have applied as long as you make sure that you go to a qualified beautican to have the works carried out.

When they are applied the first thing the do is prepare your natural nail, they then apply a white tip to the top of your nail, they then cut and file the tip to the desired length, then they cover the nail in pink acrylic and then buff it till its smooth and they are then buffed with a buffing cream to give them shine and a great finish.

I have to have them infilled every two weeks at a cost of £16 and i have them soaked off every 8-10 weeks and have a brand new set put on as the white tips have grown off by then.

The only disadvantage about these nails are that they do damage your natural nail, but as i have horrible nails that are weak these do not make that much difference to my nails.

Overall they are well worth having and you will not be disappointed with the look they do take a cost to maintain but i do believe that they are worth every penny.