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Family Pets: Guinea Pig

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By nemo on
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If you are looking to get a family pet I would recommend a cute cuddly guinea pig! Guinea pigs are sweet lovable little animals that people sometimes mistake as bunny rabbits. Guinea pigs are very social, and that love to be held. They require very much attention at times but most of the time they are very independent. Guinea pigs are rodents, they can be found at most petstores in a section next to hamsters. I have two guinea pigs, Patches (girl), and Pumpkin(Boy). they had a baby when patches was three years old, she was too old to have babies and we didn't know, she had to have surgery to remove the babies from her stomach, one died, one survived. The one who survived now lives with the vet who saved her, the guinea pigs name was "Pepper". This summer Patches and Pumpkin were roaming outside and a skunk attacked Patches, she now has one eye. Guinea pigs can develop many health problems, right now patches has a bump under her chin, we are not too sure if it is a tumor or an abcess, and Pumpkin has heart disease. But that set aside, guinea pigs will love you if you love them back, that means clean cages, water and food. It is a big responsibility, so you should discuss with your family wether or not to get a guinea pig before you actually buy one.