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Fancy Feast Cat Food

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Our 14 year old cat is on a diet of dry and wet food. We found that to be the best way of life for all of our cats.

We have tried many brands of wet canned food, but we have mostly settled on Purina Fancy Feast Gourmet canned cat food. It costs more than other cat foods, but if you just look at the cat food itself, it just looks and smells better than a lot of the brands they sell in the larger cans.

We had an old cat that lived to be 21 years old. His stomach became very sensitive to most cat foods. The only food he could keep down was the non-fish based Fancy Feast canned food. Since he passed on, our other cat benefits from our old cat's finickyness as we still continue to buy Fancy Feast.

I like the small size of the Fancy Feast cans. The flip top lids are very convenient too. I can pop open a can without having to use our household can opener and I also do not get any cat food on my hands when trying to feed my cat.

We do not buy any of the fish flavors, so I can't comment on them, but my cat seems to like all the flavors. One flavor type that he and our old cat would tire of quickly is the chicken. Fancy Feast chicken anything would not go over too big here, so we try to use the chicken based entrees more sparingly.

Another good thing about Fancy Feast is you do not have to worry about buying out-dated food. Just look on the bottom of each can and you will find an easy to read (not coded) freshness date. I am very happy about that.

We will continue to buy Fancy Feast canned cat food.