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Fantastic Oxy Power Multi Surface

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I always like products that I purchase for one use but then discover a number of other uses for as well - makes me feel as though I'm being a "good frugal" shopper.

Fantastic with Oxy Power is one of those products. This bottle indicates that it is Multi-purpose and "even does carpets!". It's a 765ml spray bottle and the product sprays on easily. I purchased it specifically to clean up my counters and the bathroom counters but one day I couldn't locate my cleaner for my stove top which is ceramic and which, thanks to the children and a marathon of cooking was in dire need of polishing. The color of the bottle is similar to my other cleaner (blue) that I use almost exclusively for the stove top so in a state of "get it clean" I failed to notice the cleaner I was actually using wasn't the one I should have been. But, happy mistake time! The Fantastic sprayed on and wiped off all the grunge that my children had left behind and it did it without leaving a single streak. Dare I say it, it actually worked better than the cleaner designed specifically for that purpose!

Then last week after my husband purchased his overly enthusiastic "sucking powered" Wet/Dry vac I got the very wise (fortunately) idea to try the Fantastic with OxyClean included, on a spot on the carpet where our dog had an accident a short time earlier. She's normally well behaved but I guess this one day I'd rushed out of the house without first ensuring she was comfortable and well...a dog has to do what a dog has to do sometimes. The bottle indicates it is safe for carpets and can be used as a cleaner for them but of course, test in an inconspicuous area first to discover whether the carpet is color-fast. After doing this and confirming our carpets could accept the cleaner, I sprayed some of the Fantastic Oxy Power onto the little "accident", let it sit for about 5 minutes and then proceeded to clean the spot up using the wet-dry vac. What I was left with was a very clean spot! So clean in fact that now I have to do the entire carpet! It brought out the "as new" color of the carpet exceptionally well - which is blue - and if this product cleaned the one spot that well, I am more than willing to purchase several bottles of the stuff to use for cleaning the remainder of the carpet.

This cleaner also does a very nice job on things like chrome steel - although it doesn't work quite as well as my stainless steel cleaner for my stainless steel appliances, it does do a decent enough job that I can use it in the event I run out of that cleaner.

Overall, this is a great product that for me, cleans as it should and also offers me additional surfaces that I'd not normally have expected it to handle as well as it does - that means only one bottle of cleaner has to accompany me on my rounds when I go into a "clean the house" mode. Very nice.

I haven't tried it on mirrors - most of the Fantastic products I've bought in the past don't do mirrors - but perhaps I'll give that a try this weekend - there may be another surprise in the making!

A good multi-surface product with a nice clean scent that does make cleaning up a quicker, easier job without having to scrub like crazy!