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Fast Sore Throat Relief With Chloraseptic Lozenges

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I woke up with a dry throat. I knew this meant I was going to have a sore throat before long. Okay, swallow.....wait......ouch! Yes there it was, the dreaded sore throat pain. I tried the Halls drops and those didn't really help the soreness in my throat. So I remembered that someone told me a couple of years ago that they always reach for Chloraseptic Lozenges whenever they feel a sore throat coming on. It will be something I will keep in my medicine closet from now on.

This was on sale at Target, not quite sure of the exact price but it was under $3.00. I immediately opened the package after I paid for it and popped one in my mouth. I felt the coolness go straight to my poor throat. These are cherry flavored and taste pretty good. I also like that they not only relieve pain, but they control your cough and it feels like it reaches up in my nasal passages to make it easier for me to breathe.

Chloraseptic Sore Throat Lozenges come in a package of 18 sealed capsules. These are very easy to slip into your purse or pocket when you are away from home.

The active ingredients are Benzocaine and Menthol. Adults and children over 5 years of age can use one of these lozenges every hour as needed. I used about 4 of these a day until the soreness in my throat was gone. This only took one day to work! For children under the age of 5, you need to consult a doctor.