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Fat Foam: Phat Or Phlat?

Reviewing: Samy Fat Foam Hair Color  |  Rating:
nutmeg101 By nutmeg101 on
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Fat Foam, advertised as a no drip, mistake free hair color did not quite deliver. No stranger to home hair color products, Fat Foam was not as impressive as I had hoped.

The price attracted me as did the "drip free" claims. The directions are easy to follow.

Step one is to combine and mix the ingredients. The individual components and the mixing jar are included. Most hair color products just instruct you to "mix thoroughly" and you can see the color in the bottle to know when it becomes homogenized. With Fat Foam, the foam remains white for longer than a normal liquid hair color. The instructions say to mix for at least a minute by shaking in up and down movements. This is where the allure started to fade for me. Without being able to see the results, I did not feel sure if I had mixed long enough or not. I did make sure to time the process to ensure proper mixing.

Step Two: Application. The foam was easy enough to work with, but I did not find it easier than using an applicator bottle, and I found it MUCH messier. With a standard hair color, I can hold the bottle with one hand, apply and adjust the hair with the other, leaving one hand clean. With Fat Foam, you use your hands. Dip your hand into the jar and scoop out foam. It was almost impossible for me to keep one hand dye free, and so, ended up staining my bathroom cabinets. Perhaps, it requires a certain level of coordination that I lack. The "no drip" also fell short. If you get too much of the product in your hand, you will make a mess. The trouble is that it is hard to know how much is too much. I was not being overly ambitious or trying to rush. My advice is to use a very little at a time. It was easier to get good coverage on the ends of the strands with the foam.

Step Three: Wait. 30+ Minutes. Over half an hour. When some products offer complete coverage in as little as 10, this is a LONG wait. The instructions say 30 minutes, add 10-15 for darker colors.

Step Four: Rinse, Wash, Condition. This is the one area that Fat Foam actually did impress me. First, i have never used another brand that included a shampoo. I liked that addition. Furthermore, the conditioner was amazing. If they would sell that separately, I would make that purchase. It left my hair soft and smooth, and smelled great.

I don't think I will make this purchase again. I will go back to my quicker hair colors with the applicator bottle.