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F.E.A.R The Great Horror Fps

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By dotyfree on
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f.e.a.r is the best of the best first person shooter. this game can mix horror and first person shooter gameplay which can make this game into great. you can feel the great creepy atmosphere. this game also has a great graphic. you can see many smoke which can give this game more scary. you also can see the bullet when you shoot.

Meanwhile, the audio in F.E.A.R. is outstanding, and the sounds go a long way to establishing the mood. In a game that's all about making you afraid of the dark, it's often the little noises that can send you spinning around, ready to blast whatever it is that created the sound. F.E.A.R. will mess with your sense of hearing a lot this way, particularly if you have any kind of surround sound system. Combat also sounds glorious, and you can hear almost every single noise in a firefight, from glass shattering apart, spent brass cartridges hitting the floor, and the thud of explosions. The voice acting is generally good, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to overhear the cloned soldiers discussing the latest happenings, or listening to a news report over the radio describing the escalating situation in the city. That's one of the cooler aspects of the game, in fact, because there's a palpable sense that events are spiraling out of control.