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Fearless Hope Obama Autobiography

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Barack Obama, in November 2008 was elected the 44th President of the United States, becoming the first black U.S. president in history; January 20, 2009 the first Afro-American president sworn into office in Washington, Obama has become the new masters of the White House . from Illinois, had the author, "The New York Times" best-selling book, "Dreams from My Father", now with his wife Michelle and two daughters (Sasha and Maria) living in Chicago.

In this best-selling one million global super-autobiography of the Obama "hope or fear, " in his humorous yet sincere language, on its own growth and struggle, discrimination and luck, failure and success, and how efforts balance career and family life. Described, we can see that when Obama face the reality has always been the same spirit of optimism, it is a tenacious "hope or fear." This book inspired countless voters! Help Obama beat Hillary Clinton! Obama ranked autobiography, "The New York Times" bestseller list first.

Obama spoke about in the book on its own failure and success, discrimination and luck, birth and love, the story of growth and struggle, and political history. The main objective of the book: how to change the American people's livelihood and politics. Obama passed on his personal history, the United States inventory of modern politics, and tried to Origin of intense partisanship; to discuss a new populist politics is built on the basis of common values; into the Constitution is not only a source of individual rights, at the same time It is also the organization of democratic dialogue to explore the common future of the tools; on some, including money, the media, interest groups and the legislative process of institutional factors, including the negative impact; across differences on how to effectively solve practical problems given the views of, including many American families face the risk of a growing economy, the domestic ethnic and religious tensions in the United States gathered around watching the transnational threats, terrorism and epidemics and so on.

Take a look at this book on telling myself, in fact, nothing, in fact, do down-to-earth, the world's most extraordinary thing is that every ordinary thing to do a good job.

You may not like the United States, do not like Obama, but you will feel like such a struggle. Book is very beautiful, very comfortable after hand got very comfortable.