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Febreeze Fabric Spray Absorbs Odors Well

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Joan Young By Joan Young on
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When you have fabric surfaces that can’t be washed, spray them with Febreeze to get rid of nasty odors.

The directions on the bottle say to spray fabric evenly until slightly damp, then let it dry and the odor will fade as it dries. It says to spray more for tough odors.

I tried it on the dog’s favorite chair. It truly did not smell of dog after an application of Febreeze.

I also tried it inside my very old cross-country ski boots. It took a long time to dry, but it did eliminate the old foot odor! This probably means that it would work on sports bags well too.

We don’t have any smokers so I can’t really test whether it gets cigarette odors out of furniture. And I didn’t have anything with a musty smell to test it on either.

Febreeze is made up of water, alcohol, and a corn product which absorbs the odors. Therefore it’s safe for virtually any fabric that can be gotten damp. Silk may waterspot. It only leaves a faint clean scent of its own.

The only drawback I can think of is that it did take a while to dry. You would need to remember to spray the furniture more than an hour before you want to invite someone to sit on it!

Update On Jun 21, 2008: This has now been given a real test on a dog urine stain. Poor pup... she had an accident involving fabric that couldn't just be thrown in the washer, and it dried before we knew about it. Amazingly enough, the Febreeze removed the odor!