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Febreze Spray, Spring And Renewal

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I have used Febreze Fabric sprays for many years now and I love what it does. I decided to try a scented version, and I chose the Spring and Renewal scent. In the bottle it wasn't too bad, but once I started using it on my clothes and other fabrics I did not like it so much.

This scented version of Febreze spray is almost too scented. The scent lingers in the air after your spray it also. If you are using it on a small area, only spraying once or twice it is not bad. The problem comes when you use it on larger items such as beds, couches, and floors. The scent is way too strong and lingers for a very long time. I would spray it on my clothes before going out, or after coming back from a smoky place. It would help to get rid of the smell, but the scent was so overwhelming I usually could not wear the clothes after I sprayed it.

If you like Febreze fabric sprays, I would stick with the original and splash a bit of body spray instead of using the scented Febreze sprays.