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Febreze That Moldy Smell In Grandma's Rocker

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By cosmicjoanie on
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Last year, my neighbor put a nice platform rocker out on trash day. It was perfect for my place with green polka-dot cushions and an almost scratch-free maple wood. I did see the globs of cobwebs framing the platform from years of storage in their basement. But it wasn't until I got it out of the cold and into my house that I smelled it: that moldy, pungent odor that penetrates your nose and all around you.

Only Febreze Fabric Refresher - and no other cleaner - eliminated that nastiness lurking on the secured white coverlet over the seat coils. I used all the common home remedies to no avail: detergents, vinegar, baking soda, even bleach. Hours after I applied each, the stink persisted. Someone gave me a dollar store off brand of fabric odor eliminator and hours later, the smell persisted! I was nearly giving up when another friend brought the real thing. I sprayed the fabric and hours later, almost no smell. So I sprayed again: no smell. In over one year, the smell has never returned.

Now I regularly spray Febreze around my home and life has become so refreshing!