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Feel The Emotions On The Green Mile

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By lynnemg on
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The Green Mile, written by Stephen King is a novel about a group of men living the rest of their days on death row, also known as the green mile.

One man, known as John Coffey, is on death row after being falsely accused and convicted of murdering two little girls. Coffey is a giant of a man, towering over everyone around him. He is what many people may refer to as a gentle giant.

Throughout the story, the reader gets to know the characters on the green mile and we come to learn that John Coffey is a rather special, and misunderstood character. His purpose in life is not to harm people, but to help and to heal. We learn this first when he helps to cure one guard of a horrible urinary tract infection, then again when he cures another guard's wife of cancer. When he was found with the little girls, he was attempting to save them, not harm them,

As the story unfolds, the reader gets a clear sense of the pain that John Coffey feels, and at the very end, we also feel the sense of relief that he feels in knowing that he no longer has to work so hard to make others well again. He is in fact tired and ready to die.

In my opinion, Stephen King did a fabulous job with this novel. It is not too scarey and not to gory, but it is full of enough thrills and suspense to keep the reader interested.