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Feel The 'Passion' Of South Park

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South Park doesn't hold back or spare no one's feelings since this animated cartoon touch base with almost everything and everybody-- celebrities, race, politics, news events, sexuality and even religion.

The Passion of the Jew DVD contains three of the funniest episodes, two which parodied Passion of the Christ and the second episode raised the religion issue involving the Catholic Church.

Passion of the Jew- Eric Cartman manages to tell Kyle the film, Passion of the Christ spoke the truth on the Jews and how Mel Gibson's main point of the film to describe every Jew as evil for the death of Jesus as he convinces Kyle to see the film. Kyle sees the film and is in distraught and full of shame for the torture his people done to Jesus.

Stan and Kenny also see the movie to find out what the fuss is about. After the end of the film, Stan shows disappointment as he and Kenny want their money back. They look on the Internet for a number to contact Gibson and see a fan site instead created by Cartman. After unsuccessfully getting any information from him the two boys goes straight to the creator himself for a refund-- Mel Gibson. While their visitation at Gibson's house, they see the true character of the actor as he is a crazed lunatic who obviously into bondage and people pinching his nipples in a rough manner. As Stan and Kenny manage to escape with their money, Cartman uses Passion as a scapegoat to create another Holocaust by exterminating the Jews. He dons a Hitler-like outfit and gives hate speech to his followers; a group of naive adults in the town that believes every word that Cartman says.

While Cartman prepare for his deed, Kyle urges Jewish community to apology for the death of Jesus but the reaction from everyone was negative as they all believe the movie depict the Jews in a negative manner.

Red Hot Catholic Love- This episode makes some Catholic priests all over as an easy target for satire with their 'interests' in young boys. Father Maxi holds a meeting with his fellow priests focusing on the sexual abuse scandal against priests everywhere and wants an end put to the abuse. However the men disagree about his sentiments as they all reveal lustful feelings for the boys they'd molested.

In the middle of all of this, Cartman comes up with an idea that if a person puts food up their butt, crap comes out their mouth. His theory proved to be true after his stint in the school's bathroom. Suddenly it became the thing to do in town for everyone, even for Martha Stewart.

At the same time, Father Maxi is disgusted by the priest behavior and take a trip the Vatican itself to speak further on the issues with the Pope and numerous of other priests around the world, including aliens. He finds out everyone shared the same views too so the only way to end this abuse, according to the Cardinal is to find the Holy Document of Vatican Law but is told no one knows where the Document is located. Maxi goes on a search for it.

Christian Rock Hard- The four boys forms their own band named Moop but they doesn't receive the attention, the fame and proved no more than to be a garage band. After Stan's father sarcastically questioned their songs as real music, Cartman doesn't take the joke lightly. Cartman suggest playing Christian music and the other kids rejected that idea. Cartman decided to leave Moop to form his own band but Kyle doesn't think his band will do as well but as always, Cartman bet Kyle $10 if his group reached fame.

And they most certainly did. Cartman named the group Faith +1-- as he is the front man and Butters and Token play background instruments. Moop express their difficulty in finding their own niche and seek to find guidance in other musician's music. They happened to look for songs by downloading them illegally and find themselves in trouble by the FBI and sent to the police station to learn their lesson for illegal downloading, which the FBI agent shows examples of celebrities, namely Britney Spears and Master P. settling for less costly merchandise than they normally would buy. This sent the boys and many other singers into strike until fans get the hint to not download free music.

Meanwhile Faith +1 bask into popularity, skyrocketing album sales and playing at different venues, thanks to Cartman 'strategy' of changing love songs with he word 'baby' in it and replace the word with Jesus. Will Faith +1 have longevity in the music industry and will Moop get the fans and the attention they longed for?

The Passion of the Jew DVD focused on real life issues and controversy, especially in the Passion of the Jew and Red Hot Catholic Love. Many religion people may feel offended at the way the show take such strong issues and turn it around as something so lighthearted. To me the three episodes were funny in its own way and certainly had those 'what the hell' moments. But isn't almost every South Park episode has them? It was fun to watch and if anyone doesn't mind a little poke at their religion, they will enjoy it.