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Fellowes Intellishred Best Shredder So Far!

Reviewing: Fellowes Intellishred Ps 79 Ci  |  Rating:
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In our office, shredders don't tend to last too long. We are a medical office and we need to shred EVERYTHING!! On top of that, we use the shredded paper as bedding for our horses to save money, so we shred more than we need to. Often, we shred 8 to 10 bins full off this shredder in particular. That's a LOT!! So far this one has held up great-no decline in performance over the past several months that we've had it, and it runs fairly quietly.

This is a cross-cut shredder, so we get great security. No one is going to piece our papers back together! It is completely jam proof-the machine feels out how much paper you are putting in before the motor starts and it will tell you if there is too much. It has not jammed one time and I don't expect it to ever. There is a security feature that will not allow fingers or any other larger type items to go through-the motor will freeze in its steps if it thinks there may be any danger. It takes 12 sheets according to the box, but we've put in a bit more than that with ease. This shredder will also destroy CDs and credit cards-a little bonus for added security. It is very heavy duty, and the bin holds 6 gallons-the way the cutter shreds, the 6 gallons holds a lot more than you would think! We don't have to empty this one every 5 minutes-a HUGE plus!

One of the best things aobut this shredder is the warning indicators on the top: The indicators will tell you if the motor is getting too hot, if the bin is full, if the bin is dislodged from its proper place, whether there is a detection of a dangerous item to be shredded (ie fingers), and when its running in reverse (I believe that's the last indicator-we've never had to use it!)

Overall, this is an excellent shredder and I highly recommend it for a good sized office or someone who has a TON of shredding to do!!