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Fellowes Power Shredder Ps 60

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By pdcd on
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The Fellowes PowerShredder PS-60 is a great shredder for home or small office usage. I originally purchased this as a gift for my mother, but after using it at her house I got one for myself.

The PowerShredder uses a thin strip cut, thinner than other shredders, but it doesn't do crosscut, so it's not as secure. That said, for bank statements, credit card applications, etc. this is more than enough security. It comes with a bin, meaning it's not the type you have to put over a trash can yourself. It has manual modes for shredding and reversing the shred (usually used for unjamming), and the automatic mode that will only shred when you put something into it, much like a garbage disposal or bank ATM. These features are pretty standard. There is a slot for credit cards and other card-sized things that uses harder blades and will cut small amounts of metal such as paper clips and staples.

Recommended usage is no more than 600 pages a day, and it can do 12 pages at once. I've found the upper limits on amount you can shred at once to be generous. It depends a lot on the thickness of the paper. I generally try to do no more than 6-7 pieces of paper at once and it works fine. Every shredder I've ever had does get jammed, especially if you use it a lot or don't empty it as it gets full. This one is no different, and as usual cycling between reverse & shred usually fixes it, but if it doesn't you'll need to turn it off and pull some paper out of the blades -- this is not dangerous even though it sounds like it. Fellowes sells oil (about $7) for reoiling the blades which can reduce the number of jams and prolong the life of the shredder after a long period of usage.

All in all, the Fellowes PowerShredder PS-60 is a good relatively inexpensive shredder that does its job well and I liked it enough to buy it not just as a gift but for myself.

A last warning, don't leave this on automatic if you have a dog with a long tongue, as there have been cases when dogs have had their tongues near a shredder and they get caught in it. Sounds like an urban legend, but you can find plenty of news stories about it.