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Female Serial Killers They Do Exist!

Reviewing: Female Serial Killers How And Why Women Become Monsters Peter Vronsky  |  Rating:
By Megan Medina on
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I had to write a paper about female criminality for a Women's Studies class and picked the topic of female serial killers and the difference between them and male serial killers. I am pretty familiar with male serial killers and have read cases about women who participated in crimes, but I didn't know too much about the female serial killer as a lone perpetrator or why they chose to participate in such violent crimes. This book cleared up almost all of my questions. It not only gave a short history of female serial killers, like who they were and how they killed, but also delved into the psychology of the serial killer. The book gave selected case studies, and gave examples of all the different types of female serial killers there are such as; the black widow, angels of death, and cult serial killers just to name a few. What was also helpful was that since this is a newer published book, there have been updates on what constitutes a serial killer as far as characteristics and profiling goes.

I did really like this book, but I had a few issues with the author. There is a section in the book where the author talks about a link between feminism and female serial killers and how some feminists don't believe there is such a thing as a female serial killer. I didn't agree with some of the issues brought up by the feminists, but I felt that the author was a little too negative and rude. I also wished that the author went more into why these women committed the crimes, especially women who were partner killers and had normal childhoods.

Overall, this is a very informative book and is one of the few about women serial killers. It went into some of the reasons why they committed their crimes and looked at their childhoods, which gives us insight into why they became serial killers. If this is a topic you're interested in, I really recommend reading it because we get to learn about women who went out of their gender roles and became killers.