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Fender's Best Beginner's Guitar!

Reviewing: Fender Dreadnought Acoustic Value Package  |  Rating:
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Everyone wants to play guitar! So for my birthday, my friends got me a gift card to Guitar Center. I quickly used it to get my first guitar. I love the sound of acoustic guitars so I bought this Fender value pack. The guitar is a regular full size acoustic with a solid spruce top, and it plays beautifully! A great guitar for beginners because the pack comes with a strap, picks, a instructional DVD, electronic tuner, and a gig bag. That is all you really need!

After using it for a year, it's been doing really well for me! All the strings are still in good condition and I've even dropped it a few times but it still works. If you want to play folk or rock music this is a great guitar to choose! But it can play many other types of songs as well. This thing can take a beating which is important to new guitar players because you'll be experimenting and practicing. You don't want spend a fortune on a really nice guitar and end up breaking it because you don't know how to handle a guitar properly. But you don't want a cheap guitar that doesn't produce quality sound or performance. Plus it also helps you get your hand muscles into shape. I had to practice getting my fingers adjust to the strings so I can actually play something for more than a minute without my hand aching in pain! But it's a good start because of this you'll be able to handle most guitars with ease.

The gig bag is a soft case guitar bag. It does a pretty good job and has enough padding to keep your guitar safe! It's a great case to travel around with, just not on the plane for obvious reasons. They give you three medium picks, and a whole set of strings! The electric tuner does a great job of helping me tune my guitar right. It needs batteries so you have to buy that on your own. The DVD is great too I learned to play different techniques and learn more about guitars. The only thing I bought extra was a capo.

Fender has been known for their electric guitars, but this acoustic is quite amazing! I have a friend who has the same one as me and she loves it as well. The only thing I hear people complain about are little like the action is a bit high from the bridge but that's just a matter of preference isn't it?

Great guitar, definitely will not disappoint!