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Feria Great Color Again!

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I gave up getting my hair done at a salon several years ago after a very bad hair cut and color job. I've been doing my own hair since and have become quite adept at it. Even gotten some great compliments on the styles and colors I've created. Why I don't stick with the tried and true I just don't know, but a few months ago I decided perhaps it was time to try the salon route again, after all I would be attending a family wedding and I wanted my hair to look great.

Well, one of these days I must really begin listening to my instincts because I had actually thought better of the salon route but my youngest talked me into a "pampering" for a change - when I had finally been chopped, colored and had handed over almost $200, I really just could have sat down and cried! The best way to describe the results is to simply say - horrid! I was kicking myself for having even considered such a ridiculous venture.

A few days ago I couldn't handle the color any longer. I headed to Wal-Mart and grabbed a box of Bleach and a box of hair color - and up until about 1/2 an hour ago, I was really not certain the color I'd chosen was a good one. It's called Chai Latte - I have a thing for unique names and I loved this one - the heck with the color! Seriously, it's a Dark Ash blonde and my oh my, is it ever a gorgeous color if I do say so myself!

The color comes complete with gloves, oil, colorant and conditioner. There is no poking of tubes or squeezing out messy cream - it's simply open a top, pour the colorant into the applicator bottle, snap off the oil's top, pour that in, put the applicator cap on, shake and go. So simple and so quick - in just 25 minutes I was back to a color I could love again and it only cost me about 30 minutes and $10.99. It smells great and the long applicator nozzle makes putting it on a breeze.

My hair is silky, shiny and has lots of natural looking highlights. Oddly enough, even the hair cut now looks like something I can get use to finally. The box indicates that this is a "cool" color but states that it will look great for all skin tones and hair types. They do indicate that it isn't good for someone who is predominantly grey as I imagine the color might not take as well then. The package comes with the normal "test for sensitivity" warning and also if you have a tattoo you are more likely to be allergic to the ingredients. I've never had any reactions with this particular product and my hair has always turned out great and in superb condition.

Now, I'm off to straighten it and finally, happy hair again - or almost - when the length is back then it will be truly happy.