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Feria Highlights Kit

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lexxia By lexxia on
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Have I mentioned that I get bored easily? My hair is usually the first indicator that let's others know I'm in that frame of mind and my husband has gotten to the point where unless he sees me actually doing something to my hair, he can't keep up with me and doesn't try any longer. For the New Year I decided that I wanted to return to blonde highlights again - even though my hair is not as long as I'd like it to be thanks to a rather brutal hair cut I got done in October I figured that highlights would be the best way to help me manage the look until it grows back to where it use to be.

Feria by L'Oreal is one of my favorite hair coloring products. It's a little more expensive than others but the results have never been anything less than great and so I figured that this is the product I'd use this time around. The package comes with the highlighting powder, solution and cream conditioner and as an added twist a nifty little "tweezers" style applicator that has little sponges on both sides. By mixing up the highlighter cream and applying a dime size of the mixture to one side of the tweezer's pad, I simply chose the amount of hair I wanted to highlight and ran the tweezers along the length of the hair. Unfortunately, the applicator isn't as great as some I've used previously.

I can't say I'm a fan of it - it tends to allow you to put the highlighter cream on quickly but juggling the tweezers, comb and hair and then reapplying the highlight cream once you've run out of it can be a bit of an octypus type endeavor - in other words if you have eight arms you're fine - only two? Not so much.

As for the results - the highlighter works relatively quickly - within 35 minutes my hair was lightened and the "shimmer" conditioner left it feeling really silky and no indications of having been dried out at all. The only thing I'd change with this kit is the applicator - next time I will apply it with the application tool that I'm most familiar with which is a slender hair coloring brush. If this were the first time someone was using this product I think that they may have a bit of difficulty or become frustrated with it. If someone else puts the solution on for you though they don't seem to have nearly as much difficulty - my youngest daughter applied the solution to the back area of my head that I couldn't reach properly and she found the tweezers easy to use but even she said she'd prefer a brush on tool. Overall, Feria is one product that I can usually count on to give me pretty good results and except for the applicator itself this product is a good one.