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Fifa 09 Xbox 360 All Platforms

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Late into 2008, Ea sports released another issue of their world famous Fifa Football Games. In this year they have added 250 new "things" to the game, you are most likley to see these additions in the tackling system where the outcomes are much more relistic. Allthough people would claim that fifa's rival game (pro evo) is better, it cannot be desputed that Ea Sports is catching up, it just depends if you belive Fifa has over taken it, i shall stay out of this because i have never played a P.E.S. game. You can create your own tactics as in setting aggressivness for defenders, speeds for midfeilds and shooting oppotunities for strikers.

Heading has also been improved, you will have to put in alot more effort in getting into the right position to head the ball, where you want to head it e.c.t. And to top all the improvments off, there has been a massive enlargment to the gulf in class comparing the Premiership to lower leauges like leauges one and two. So it's not so easy to win cups with your local team. The money system could be improved as it's to easy to buy who you want as long as your a high enough leauged team. You make loads of money per game, so much that the values of your best players don't really count for anything.

Defending: They have added a "second defender call" option this year, where you can press the B button on your xbox so as well as you another pc controlled character will rush over to tackle the player to. Jockeying is very affective online and is used by lots, slides are the most fun, but you have to do them from the side otherwise your busted!

Midfeild: God, i love playing with wingers, the rainbowflicks, the speed, the style and skill, I my self play in defence for a team, i find that fun in real life, but on fifa, midfield is the place to be on a 1v1 online game. To do well, you have to pracicse thru balls (Y button), Passes (A button) and Crosses/lobbed passes (X button), tricks help about 1/4-1/3 of the time beating people, usually if you cannot perform, you will look like a wally! Remember passing is more effective, rainbow flicking is more fun!

Striking: It seems to get harder and harder each year to score, which makes the games much better and the striking even more perfect. There is nothing worse than a player who can string up a douzen passes and make it to the edge of your box, especially when you have seen the last top corner goal they just smashed in. I would reccomend practicing top corners with lesser skilled players as they will provide better training in the long term. To get a great top corner shot you will need to use the "finesse shot" and keep the shoot button (B) down a little while. Practice makes almost pefect! You have a 1/2 better chance of winning online if you can shoot amazingly, its not hard, i would reccomend; Spain, France, Man U and Brazil online as they kick ass tacticly and statisticly!

My rating of the fifa game on the whole is generally good, they haven't added TOO much, but change is slowley but stedily coming for fifa, they allways provide additions to the game machine every year, more kits, stadiums and statistics, their ambition is to make the game a whole lot more realistic, looking back on fifa 07 and before...I think they're well into their dream allready! Online the game is brilliant, i would reccomend a ethernet cable as my connection has been wasted since i moved my wireless MILES from my hub, i can't play it online atm, but I will be looking to fix it. The players online are better than what i thought they were, the pricks and scumbags generally suck at they game because they won't let them self be called "geeks" or whatever.

Reccomended online tip:

Turn your PC up really loud, have ur xbox live mic right next to the speakers, then get clips from you're favorite tv shows/movies and try to start a conversation with the other person. If you don't have enough my friend said he found somone playing DIE HARD clips so you can try sound effects to, a sci-fi angle is sure to freak some chavs/pricks/asbos out! Enjoy!!!