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Fifa 11 Game Review

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By Freddie Barker on
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Fifa 10 was a gigantic leap for Football Video Games, and put EA's masterpiece a thousand miles ahead of Konami's Pes. Fifa 11 is what we've all expected. A better game than last years. But, have EA just sat on their high horse and tweaked a few animations, or have they gone all out again and made another game that sets a new level for Football Games.

Presentation: EA have always been very good at giving FIFA a nice professional polish, and this years no different. There are a few new animations, but not much I must say, and the new intros before matches is noticeably more classy. The faces have also got better, and the struggles between two players looks brilliant, and really feels real and that your actually trying to force this guy off the ball. I was a tad disappointed when I realised the Commentary was virtually unchanged, because to me that's quite important. Overall I give the Presentation 4.2/5

Gameplay: This to me is the biggest change. If there was one thing I disliked about FIFA 10 it was the passing. You could pass the ball round so easily, it was like watching ping pong with Red Dead Redemptions lock on system. EA obviously caught on to this, and invented a thing called Pro Passing. Pro Passing in short is the ability to change how hard you hit the ball. This works brilliantly. It makes through balls so rewarding, unlike FIFA 10 when you just tapped Y (or Triangle I think on PS3) and a to perfect ball was placed, making you feel good for about two seconds before you felt unworthy of it. It also makes it more realistic in the sense you have to think more. On numerous occasions I have just tapped the pass button, only to see the ball trundle two feet in front of me for an opponent to easily intercept. It also makes intercepting a lot easier, because the pass lock on is no longer so obvious.

Another new feature is Be a Goalkeeper. What will it be next year? Be the Ball, Be the Grass? I found this new feature an extreme disappointment. Its as boring as you expect. You stand at the bottom of the pitch, watching AI tackle-pass-tackle-pass-miss a shot etc. You get about ten saves to make in a game, which isnt much. This would be alright if it was any fun. Which it isn't. You move with the left stick, and dive with the right stick. You dont feel like you have much effect when diving though, and it almost feels automatic. You have an option to do stuff like dive at players feet, punch out crosses and charge out on one-on-ones, but it isnt groundbreaking. You can also watch the gameplay up close and tell your team who to pass to, but this feels like EA have realised its dead boring just standing in goal, and an hour before release came up with this idea. Another new feature is the heading. It's not amazingly new, but very noticeable. What they have done is simply made it easier to connect to crosses which was hard in FIFA 10. Overall 4.6/5

Game Modes and Addictiveness: There is a new career mode, which is basically the ability to be a manger, player (Be a Pro) or the new player manager. While this isnt much different, you can start of as a budding young player, then be a Player Manager, then retire to be a manager. This is a good new feature, and will certainly make for an addictive experience. There is also a massive amount of customisation options available, allowing you to create teams, players, logos and much more. This is very accessible and a worthy new feature. On the addictive side, it will again, if your like me anyway, be the game in which your play all year, whether it be when your bored of Halo or COD and want a light-hearted game to ease your frustration, or a hardcore fan who beats Barca on World Class.Overall 4.5/5

Overall: Not a massive leap when you just have a glance, but under the surface a brilliant new feature called Pro Passing makes it a must buy to all footy fans. So no, EA didn't sit on their high horse. Overall: 4.5/5