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Fi Fa 2009

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By umesh on
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blank_pageThis time sony corporation brings a yet another football game FIFA 2009. . now fifa 2009 has it's reasons to play the game contains great graphics supereb controlls and excellent featutes.Overall, FIFA 2008 was a better game than PES 2008. It came as somewhat of a surprise to us here at VideoGamer.com. Perhaps it shouldn't have. For a while now EA's money making powerhouse has been creeping up the quality ladder, with solid tweaks to its game engine, functioning online play and a more simulation approach to gameplay. FIFA 09 is the culmination of all of those tweaks. It is the coming together of a game engine now supremely confident that it is the most realistic representation of the game of football the industry has to offer. And it is the best FIFA game ever made. It all adds to an engine that could already proudly claim to be the most realistic depiction of football to date, with FIFA 09 taking it to the next level. Matches play out with a slow and measured pace that rewards the patient and wily, and the best way to create goal-scoring chances is to slowly build up attacks, exploiting space, fiercely protecting possession and employing the right mix of brute force and delicate finesse.

With player's attributes now more pronounced it's worth familiarising yourself with your team and capitalising on the stronger members, while FIFA's unique trick system returns and an enhanced vocabulary of moves -- executed with a series of inputs on the right stick -- gives more skilful players another route of attack. It all adds up to one of the most faithful facsimiles of the beautiful game yet seen. fifa 2009 is made by e.a sports, and i have to say that that E.A sports know how to make that kind of games. .