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Fighting The Cold War

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Do you know Americans spend billions each year on cold and cough remedies, and those sniffles and aches account for about tens of billion annually in lost wages.This is definitely nothing to sneeze at.Sad to say, there is really no such thing as quick relief for the common cold.You can suffer for a week or take something and feel better after seven days.But no matter what you do, a cold is going to run its course which can lasts anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

So why not take Scott's Emulsion Cod Liver Oil to help you prevent getting a cold in the first place.It boosts up your immune system to help keep up your defenses against colds.In additions to that, it contains vitamin A which is well known for protecting against respiratory ailments.

Regular intakes of a tablespoon a day of Scott Cod Liver Oil do keep away the colds ailments for me as I have never develop a single colds for the past few years.You will get use to its thick white gums contents as you take it daily which I find quite tasteful. I guess I am winning this war against cold as long as I stick with Scott.Would you like to win the cold war as well?