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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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I want to give my opinion, on this little office bin we have at work. The capacity is 16 Litres, which I find strange, because nobody puts liquids in waste paper bins. People use these bins for paper, in fact I would say we put about 99% A4 sheets into ours, with about 1% envelopes, plus the occasional ball point pen. My point is that I see people screw sheets of paper up into a ball, then throw them into the bin, doing this fills the bin with half a dozen pieces. If you simply drop the sheet into the bin, it will hold Hundreds of sheets.

The bin iteslf is shaped like a slightly flattened bucket, and the size lends itself to sheets of A4, the exact measurements being 298mm, by 298mm by 320 mm. The Weight is just 0.35 kg, pretty light, but then this is just a plastic bin. I say plastic, actually it is Polypropylene, which although plastic, is usually made from mainly recycled plastics, so you could say this is green.

Talking about colours, ours is a light grey, this matches pretty much any office decor, but you can apparently get them in black, and also a dark blue.

I am not one of the "Throw away set", however, I do agree with my Bosses when they say they will use this until it looks tatty, then replace it. I think they are justified because these bins cost under three Pounds each, this is very cheap for what I would call a decent quality bin. Remember they are made from a lot of recycled plastics too, so they are more environmentally friendly than you may have thought.

I know this bin is issued, and I had no say in choosing it, but I would like to think that I would have picked this one. Bin liners are available for these, but in our case, this is not a requirement, because as stayed, ours just gets clean paper in it.

Thankyou for reading such a mundane review, sorry it was not on some designer product, but just imagine the modern office without bins!