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Fill Your Home With Fragrance

Reviewing: Author: Terry Willits 101 Quick Tips To Make Your House Sense Sational  |  Rating:
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Whenever I read this book, it makes me feel good. It reminds me how certain fragrances are tied to our emotions. We can even change the way we feel, by making our homes smell good. Who doesn't like the wonderful aroma of cookies baking in the oven, the fresh pine scent of a live Christmas tree, the smell of coffee brewing in the kitchen, or popcorn popping in the microwave?

The author offers simple, but creative ideas for making your home fragrant all through the year. She also cautions that the purpose of wonderful scents are to make your home smell inviting, but they should not be overpowering. It brings to mind a woman wearing too much perfume. Instead of drawing us to her, she chases us away with a too heavy fragrance. So use good judgement.

A few of her suggestions include letting a fresh breeze blow through your house, planting a rose bush by your porch or patio, placing a lamp ring (with scented oil) on a light bulb, hanging cedar blocks in your closet, hiding a pleasant sachet in your pillow shams, using lemon furniture polish, or spraying the inside of your stationery box with your favorite cologne.

Other suggestions include sprinkling carpet powder on your rugs (or adding it to your vacuum cleaner bag), baking bread, cookies, or brownies, lighting a cake candle, simmering cinnamon, orange peel and cloves, using scented garbage bags or placing a sachet in the bottom of your trash can, under the bag.) Buy a bouquet, place herbs on your window sill, or a rosebud by your bed. Slip fragrant sachets in your dresser drawers or line them with scented papers. Add a fragrance to your bath water with scented bath salts, plug in a room freshener, fill a dish with scented bath soaps, or rub your hands and feet with a perfumed body lotion.

These are just a few of the many ways that your home can be filled with fragrance that will soothe you, and welcome others.