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Filtered Water Is Greener Than Bottled

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Having fresh water is really important to us. Having moved from a rural area with a private artesian well that was tapped into an underground spring to the suburbs with chlorinated city water, we needed to do something…

At first we used bottled water. Individual bottles are a bit pricey to drink at home so I purchased gallon containers of spring water. I next looked into getting home delivery of the big jugs of water and a refrigerated unit to make things more convenient, but it seemed a bit pricey for our needs.

I then started purchasing the 2.5 gallon refrigerator block pack with spout. It didn’t take too much room, but we had a very small refrigerator and I thought that we could do better. So I started looking into a filtration system.

In the end, and since we did need to replace the refrigerator anyway, we decided on a filtration system through our refrigerator. GE makes a SmartWater refrigerator filter that is easy to put in and take out - only ¼ of a turn and it is on! - that lasts for 6 months to a year, depending on water consumption.

The MWF model filters out 96% of Chlorine taste and odors, which was a big one as we were so used to spring water that we can smell the chlorine when we turn on the tap! Ack!

I was also very concerned with lead in the water with underground city pipes. The MWF filters out 99% of lead. The filter also filters out many other things, including: 99.99% Cysts, 99% Asbestos, 93% Mercury, 96% Benzene and so forth.

Consumer Reports also rates this filter very well, with the only downfall being the rate at which it filters.

While it is true that the rate of filtration is a bit slow, we still get a nice full stream of water that doesn’t seem too slow unless one of us is filling up a large container. More importantly the water from the filter tastes great!

Our water filtered through the MWF tastes better than Aquafina, Dasani and any other bottled filtered water that I have tasted. It also tastes better than quite a few bottled waters that are labeled spring water.

I may be more finicky than most, as I find very few brands of spring water to actually be worth purchasing by the bottle. If I am going to spend additional money, I am looking for that crisp taste that should come from a pure spring and most bottlers cannot support that.

While the GE SmartWater filter does not make spring water out of the city water it does improve it much more than I thought possible. Myself and my entire family have been very pleased filtering our water this way and as a bonus we are being more environmental by not adding to the waste bottles.