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Final Fantasy 7: Advent Children

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So as I'm sure everyone has noticed I'm a fan of role playing games. Lets face it, it's all I'm good at as far as video games go. One of the first video games I fell in love with when getting a playstation for my birthday oh so long ago was Final Fantasy 7. I also ended up getting 8 not long after which I loved until it turned out the disk was scratched. I loved the feel of the game the fighting style was unique to anything else I had played.

So when Advent Children came out I just had to see it so I ran to my torrent site and downloaded it. I think I watched it a dozen times after the download was done. Unfortunatley making a copy was harder then expected because of bad media so on my computer it safely stayed. That is until I got it for Christmas and I then realized just how amazing it really was on an actual television.

The movie takes place 2 years after Final Fantasy 7, the main character is Cloud Strife (he was also the main character in the game) who is brought out of solitude because of a disease called Geostigma that is affecting the towns people. There are three strange very strong young men running around stealing and brain washing children, conjuring up monsters and just making the world a living hell for everyone. Cloud along with his old team of Tifa, Barret, Cid, Vincent and of course Shin-Ra and the turks band together to fight this evil.That is before the evil turns into Sephiroth the ex Soldier who is obsessed with world destruction.

The graphics are mind blowing to say the least and if they had wanted to make it any more realistic looking they could probably may as well have used real people. I like the fact that isn't that realistic it still has the fantasy charm. I'm also a big action movie lover so this filled that part of me as well. The characters seemed to have changed and some what matured.

It was nice to see Cloud as an actual person and to see just how well his fighting skills were. Of course I loved the turks I always have, they've been my favorite what can I say. I won't leave out Sephiroth of course he is the best villian of all time as far as I'm concerned.The voice acting was right on since no one had voices in the game I thought they matched the characters really well.

I highly suggest this movie be watched by all although being a fan of the franchise helps enjoy it to it's fullest effect.