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Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core

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Another name in the Final Fantasy 7 franchise, boy do they make a lot of money but I would say that this game is really well worth the 40 bucks (unless you downloaded it.) I was always interested in Zacks whole part of the franchise I'm glad they decided to do this one. You hear about him in Final Fantasy 7 and see memories in Advent Children. It's good actually seeing him in action.

Since I don't remember every detail of the game I'll try to describe things as best I can. You play Zack Fair a Soldier member climbing up the latter to soldier 1st class to join his mentor Angeal and the soldier hero Sephiroth. It stars with a disapearing Soldier first class member Genesis which as we find out is one of Angeal and Sephiroth's good friends. You basically start out training and going to Wutai to fight.

The people there were actually really easy, and even the rather intimidating monsters. There you meet Yuffie! She's pretends to kick your ass which you find weird and kind of cute. Then she runs off like a helicopter then I believe it starts one of your side missions (it's been a while since I've played it so you might start your side missions with her later.) You end up getting tons of side missions through out the game in different categories, from different people and skill level ranging from easy to very hard.

You meet Cloud on one of your missions he's an infantryman and you become friends. After that mission trying to find Genesis, Angeal goes missing as well and so you begin trying to find them both. As it turns out Angeal, Genesis and Sephiroth are all different forms of the Jenova project. Jenova cells used in different ways but Genesis and Angeal were failures. They started to degrade and as they put it turn into monsters.

Sephiroth also goes rougue after finding out what he is and than you end up fighting him later on. The game is pretty complex it's one I need to play a few times to absorb everything. The monsters are fun to fight, the controlling is very easy I love the materia fusion and the graphics are pretty killer. The PSP really did a good job holding it and although I'm bad at explaining it I do reccomend people play it if you're a fan of the Final Fantasy 7 story it's a really good begining to it.