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Final Fantasy Chaos On Your Psp Dissidia Review

Reviewing: Square Enix Dissidia: Final Fantasy  |  Rating:
By traunt on
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what can I say? teaming up the hero and villian roster from each final fantasy game (I-X) and having them beat the crud out of each other seems like an awesome idea to me, and SE thought so too. The best part? It's addictive as hell. You take control of one of the many heroes (or villians once you unlock them) and go at it. the environments are unique, some albiet frustrating to duel in, but all have their own unique touch. each character has their own unique moveset that will evolve as they level, some obtaining combination abilities for chainging together powerful attacks.

There is so much I could say about this game its hard to write one review for it. First of, the battle system is amazing. All in real time, the physics play well as you're able to dodge opponents and utilize the environment to your advantage by smashing the enemy into the walls and watching giant cracks appear. the arenas are destructible which makes for very compelling gameplay. Along the way you'll gain "PP" which you can use to buy alternate costume, new characters, arena upgrades (where the arena will come to life) among many other thing such as the music that plays during battles and voice tracks. The best thing about dissidia is that it never gets old. Though it may seem slow at the start, it quickly becomes a great time waster having Cloud make ground meat out of Sephiroth or even Kuja. The possibilities are endless, and this will surely pay for itself in no time.