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Final Fantasy Iv Advance

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By Andre Myrick on
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Final Fantasy IV is a game I bought maybe two years ago, yet still love to play to this day. It's such a great game because it gives you so many things to do. Want to get each and every character's best weapon and beat their best dungeon? I promise you that you won't just want to do it once. The fact that this game is a remake for the Game Boy Advance yet still keeps a look of nice graphics for the system is quite surprising and the combat is the same as every other pre-VII final fantasy you've played. The main part of the game is the story and when you play through the game for the first time, it will no doubt surprise you. The shock of so many sudden story turnabouts makes the game that much more epic. There will usually be times when the player imagines him or herself in the shoes of Cecil, the main character as he fights for his city of Baron. As you go around the world, collecting fighters, mages, and yes, even a musician from every city and region, you'll have plenty of party setups to choose from. Try Final Fantasy IV Advance today, you won't regret it.