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Final Fantasy Vii: Advent Children

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Final Fantasy VII is one of the most popular video games of all time and is in many famous and well known gaming magazine's/website's top games lists. This game was for the original playstation and helped bring the RPG to the mainstream attention, so it's pretty much an icon and a landmark. When my girlfriend heard they were making a movie, which works like a sequel to the game, she wanted to see it, so I rented it from blockbuster and watched it with her.

The mistake on my part was that I had never played the game before. I didn't really know the characters nor their history. The only character I was really interested in was Sephiroth, having battled him in Kingdom Hearts 1 & 2. I was disappointed when he only appeared for a short time towards the end. The whole movie, to me, was just okay, but my girlfriend liked it. So, after a while, my mom surprised me by getting the game for me. I played it and found it was an incredibly enjoyable experience! Now that I had played the game and learned the characters histories, I knew I had to see that movie again. For some reason, I decided to buy it this time. I didn't regret it. This time I got to look at the movie as a fan of the series. I could care about the characters because I "knew" them. The story I better understood because I knew the plot of the game. This time around, the movie was a much much more enjoyable experience. The action sequences were pretty cool, and ignored almost all the laws of physics.

One of the best points of the movie is the computer animation. The entire movie is computer animated and oh my goodness, everything looks so real! There are points in the movie where it looks completely real. I mean COMPLETELY! The only things that don't look too realistic are the characters themselves, but the animation is so detailed, you can actually sometimes see the threads on the clothing. I found Sephiroth's appearance much more satisfying, and it was just a good movie. All the favorite characters are back and in amazing graphics as well. I definitely recommend this to fans of the Final Fantasy VII game, however, non-fans should probably just give it a rent