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Final Fantasy Viii

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A 1999 smash hit for the playstation, Final Fantasy VIII was a Square Enix best seller and my personal favorite game in the Final Fantasy series. This particular Final Fantasy is quite different then the rest, as it is more futuristic then its preceeders. The main protagonist of the game is a seventeen year old "SeeD" member named Squall Leonhart, a loner who decides life is best lived alone and free of the problems of others. Soon after Squall becomes a SeeD, he meets a young girl named Rinoa Heartilly, who changes his life dramatically.

Squall's rival, Seifer Almasy, causes an uproar throughout Squall's life and becomes a psychopath that joins the Sorceress. Squall's attitude changes throughout the game and he eventually defeats the Sorceress along with his fellow allies.

Final Fantasy VIII is best known for its musical score and in depth love story. It will always remain a fav for fans.