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Final Fantasy X

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By explosiveamnesia on
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Final Fantasy X is the 10th title in the main Final Fantasy series, and is the first game in the series to appear on the Playstation 2.

This jump in consoles allows FFX to have vastly improved graphics. FFX's world is very sun-soaked and bright, and the game relies less on FMVs since the standard graphics stand up so well. This is probably one of my favorite FF games visually.

Final Fantasy X is also the first game in the series since Final Fantasy 4 to get rid of the Active Time Battle system, replacing it with the Count Time Battle system. This system is not timed, and allows to you take all the time you need in between turns. I personally enjoy this new system, since it is much more cerebral and strategic. However, no other FF games use this system.

This is one of the best RPGS on the PS2, and is one of the system's must-play games.